Our Pastoral Care Programs

The Faith Journeys model is the only one in the nation that is family-focused and written by a licensed graduate professional counselor and Catholic child of divorce who is happily married. As such, our curricula reflect the authority of personal experience, pastoral counseling concepts, and Catholic teachings. Our model has also been recognized by His Holiness Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus; Cardinal Donald Wuerl; Cardinal Edwin F. O’Brien; and other Catholic leaders. The text of our model has been published in Italian, Spanish, and French.

Our model has been integrated into a 4-part ministry program. Dioceses, parishes or schools may offer any one or all four (4) parts:
Adult Workshop, Facilitator Training, Day Retreat, Guidance Group Program

Our programs may be implemented at a modest cost to Dioceses, parishes or schools, and participating families.

Group programs currently available for children from separated and divorced families offer their curriculum only as part of a “start-up kit” that ranges from $ 500 to approximately $ 1,000. Not only are they costly, but their curricula contain serious flaws also. For example, some include teachings that are contrary to the Catholic church, and others are very generalized “grief programs” that fail to address the unique challenges and concerns of children from divorced families. As a result, children in these generalized programs often fail to identify with one another which jeopardizes the group’s cohesiveness and make it less effective. Greater identification and support among group members, especially early in the group, has been associated empirically with more favorable outcomes.